Bluetooth Gaming Chair SPX THRONE  

971 €

SPxThrone is the first gaming chair on the market with sensorial technology. This new patented tech extends the audiovisual experience through intelligent regionalised vibrations allowing users to enter in a new gaming dimension.  

This versions of gaming chair comes with 8 vibrational regions and Bluetooth and it is suitable for computer, xbox, ps3, ps4 and mobile gamers.

Thanks to our new technology, SPxThrone users can interact with the content of your favorite games through the body's sensitive receptors from the knees to the shoulders. The Sensorial Processing Technolgy is an embedded system device, patented and capable of converting audiovisual content into Sensorial Stimulation.

This gaming chair is suitable for:

  • 4D Gaming Chair
  • Virtual Reality
  • Wireless - Bluetooth
  • Vibration
  • And more…

Our Patented Technology

SPxThrone is the most realistic immersive experience you can find our there. With the new SPxThrone you can feel the difference between a shotgun and a rocket, between a gentile turn or a badass burnout. You can feel the difference between playing or feeling. ¡Play your favorite games with our gaming chair!

gaming chair with wireless-bluetooth
gaming chair with wireless-bluetooth


The SPxThrone processor is compatible with all the gaming devices on the market. All kinds of consoles (Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo and more) PCs, Macs or any type of mobile device.

gaming chair with wireless-bluetooth

Feel the Game

SPxThrone have integrated 8 actuators distributed through the backrest and seat of the chair ensuring the most realistic experience you could ever imagine. An immersive experience never seen in the gaming world. That means that if you're playing a racing game, you can feel the asphalt.

 sensorial gaming chair


gaming chair for dedicated gamers
Dimensions 0.18 x 0.035 x 0.19 [m]
Weight 0.454 [kg]
Materials ABS
Consumption Max 150 [W]
Frequency Response 20 - 20k [Hz]
Temperature -5 to 60 degrees
Wireless BLUETOOTH 4, 1
Alimentation 12V / 150 W
Entries 1 x AUDIO JACK 3,5 MM